Saturday, December 15, 2012

Demo Day at Gamescape North!

Our Brink of Battle Demo Cadre made a showing last Sunday at Gamescape North in San Rafael California.  It was me and Drew "Daimyo" Davies throwing dice with the Gamescape crew.
The thing I love about Gamescape North is that they really get behind their products.  As you can see this month they are running a "Play with the Designer" series. I thought that was really neat. 
If you haven't been to Gamescape North you are missing out.  Andre and his staff, Max & Jordan, have the shop running like a well oiled machine.  Just look at the selection below, and talk about friendly service!  Definitely one of my favorite shops.
As many of you know, I used to be a retailer and built a strong customer base at Hobbies of Reno with Alan Washburn. Therefore I appreciate good 'face out' merchandizing. :)  Below you see the kind of company BoB is keeping.  A great compliment to other skirmish options.
And here is Daimyo in the center hard at work.  On the far left is John Murphy, a friend we made at Pacificon earlier this year.  And on the far right is Andre Sisneros, co-owner of Gamescape North.
We look forward to doing a demo of Epic Heroes in the near future as we ramp up to ConQuest Sacramento in April!
Thanks again to Andre and his team for a day well spent playing Brink of Battle!

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