Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brink of Battle Fantasy Demo's at ConQuest SAC!

Well, in the words of Johnny Cash, I've been everywhere man!  We are ramping up preparations for ConQuest SAC in Sacramento California April 5th-7th.  We will be running two demo tables that will be different from the ones we did last year. You can learn more about ConQuest here

Our Historical board will be a wilderness encounter between outlaws and their lawmen pursuers in the California foothills circa 1889.  Yes, a Cowboy demo that doesn't invovle the desert!  The table will be set like one of my favorite scenes from Tombstone, where Wyatt Earp wades out into the river and shoots the living hell out of the Cowboys.

Our Main Event board will be the Ruins of Vanis-Trymno.  This is the first public viewing of the Fantasy rules and game board for Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy.  Participants will get to play on a section of the ancient city that plays a major role in the Epic Heroes official setting.

We will be running demos all day in the Vendor area Satuday and Sunday and welcome you to come play a game! 

On Sunday morning we will run our Band of Heroes game.  BoH is a new way to play Brink of Battle where you create a single model as your hero, and you join up with other heroes to fight the forces run by the Game Master.  Our ConQuest event is called The Great Brain Robbery!

It's 1889 and people are having their brains removed by mysterious forces holed up in the foothills outside of Harperville, California.  The town posse must pursue their fell attackers into their hillside lair, and put a stop to this brain heisting once and for all!  Since diabolic forces are at work, Father Seamus O'Malley brings with him The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, California! Evil Doers beware!

That's what we have in the hopper so far.  Hope you participated in the poll I posted to the right of this entry.

Noch Weiter!


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