Monday, November 3, 2014

The True-Bold Fighting Company Pregenerated Force Roster from the Epic Heroes Supplement!

Now that I have a little more consistency with schedules at home and work, I can start to do some of the marketing work that had to be temporarily sidelined.  So, today we reveal one of the 13 pregenerated Force Rosters in the back of the Epic Heroes supplement for Brink of Battle. This format was added after receiving much commentary from our readership that they wish they had some pregen forces to use to get stuck in right away trying out the new rules.  And so we decided to not only put them in the book, but also build them around the miniatures our three strategic partners sent us to paint up and photograph for the interior.  Here's Iron Wind Metals (formerly Ral Partha) adventuring Player Character models. We know them as the True-Bolds!


  1. Where is the bundle on the web store?

  2. Hi Leigh, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Iron Wind Metals is nearing completion of their bundles and hopefully will have them up next week. Bronze Age and Lead Adventure are still working on getting theirs up.