Saturday, December 10, 2016

Well looky here!

Friday, April 29, 2016

This is the hardest post I've ever had to make.

This is my friend David Phillips. Monday night around 8pm he was tragically killed in a car accident caused by two juveniles in a stolen car.

Two hours before that I had my last conversation with him. He leaves behind a wife and a large group of friends and family that will miss him forever.

To help raise funds to offset the expense of his burial and memorial, we are donating 100% of all Brink of Battle and Epic Heroes sales on our Lulu store for the month of May to David's wife and family.

We hope we can make a difference in the face of such a senseless tragedy. Thanks for your support!

Bob Faust

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames

We’ve been keeping things pretty close to the vest about our Post-Apocalyptic book in the works, but we are now able to reveal and proud to announce that last year we signed a contract with Osprey Publishing to produce Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames for their Osprey Wargames division!

Scrappers will be a hardbound book complete with core rules based on the Brink of Battle skirmish system and with complete rules for campaign games in the wastelands of the near future! As with Brink of Battle, each Crew will range between 3-15 models per side.

Players assemble Recovery Crews who explore the ruins of ancient Earth for lost artifacts and scraps of useful technology fighting off enemy Crews in the process. Scrapper Crews can belong to one of six Factions or be freelancers selling their scraps of tech to the highest bidder. Crew members can be one of three Lifeform types: True Human, Mutant, or Synthetic. Rugged human survivors, mutated humanoids & animals, and deadly robots fight for every last piece of tech they can find!

Scrappers: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames is targeted for release in the spring of 2017.