Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prestige Traits!

One of the new features in our fantasy supplement Epic Heroes is the introduction of Prestige Traits. These are special abilities or training that enhance or build upon other Traits that must first be had by the model. Once the requirement is met the model may buy the Prestige Trait, which has a Supply Point cost and takes a slot for Trait maximums.

One such Trait builds on the Abomination In...born Trait and represents the mind bending terrors from the great Beyond...

Eldritch Horror (PST)
Requires: Abomination

Teetering on the edge of madness, this dread terror stalks the minds of those who oppose it. As enemies approach, waves of gibbering insanity flood over them, reducing them to mewling idiots, rife with drool.

Enemy models within this model’s CMD/2 Rating in inches suffer a CMD/2 penalty.
10 SP
Lovecraft & Smith would approve. :)

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