Sunday, March 14, 2021




Hi friends, Bob Faust here. I wanted to make a general announcement regarding my hiatus from the development of several of my skirmish game products for the remainder of this year.


Having recently lost a close friend to Covid, I find that my usually effortless process of writing and designing fun skirmish games has been dampened severely. Strangely enough, some of you may remember back in 2016 when we lost another close friend to a tragic accident. Drew & I were under a deadline to finish writing Scrappers for Osprey Games, and the sudden death of our friend debilitated us mentally for several months.


Here we are again. So as of today, I’m officially suspending production for the following projects until January 2021:


From Strategic Elite™


·         The Sword Marches: Metal Sword & Sorcery Skirmish Wargames

·         Agents of the Crown: Seven Years War

·         Star Guard: Science Fiction Skirmish Wargames

·         Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages 2nd Edition

·         Scrappers: Weapons Locker


From Fast Food Games™


·         GORE Skirmish – Generic Open Rule Engine: fast play, rules light, all periods/genres

·         Advanced GORE – Expanded rules for Core GORE game

·         Star GORE – Sci-Fi supplement

·         Dungeon GORE – Fantasy supplement

·         Historical GORE – Historical supplement


Fast Food Games™ is a new subsidiary of Strategic Elite: Skirmish Wargames for the Discerning Strategist and will focus on our new rules light skirmish games and supplements, primarily the Generic Open Rules Engine Skirmish game called GORE.


Now some of you may be disappointed that I’m pushing these projects back, especially The Sword Marches which has been 90% complete for some time. I hope you understand that I’ve been writing and designing my games for the past 15 years, pretty much every day, and in light of that I need a break.


In the meantime, please continue to post and participate in our Facebook pages and groups. If I get some painting or modeling done, I’ll post pics as usual. I just won’t be actively pursuing design or writing projects.


Thanks for all of the years of support and community that you all have built. We will resume with great purpose next January. It will be a happier new year I hope...




Bob Faust


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  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. I have no magic words to help I am afraid, just hope that you have friends and family around you. Taking time out is good too. Take care.
    Oh, the reason I am here is just to say that I recently bought Scrappers, and it’s wonderful. Knew about it when first published, but just too many games at the time. Having culled the collection I had space in my head for more rules and it came up in a feed. Wow, now I wish I had got it years ago.
    All the best, Radrek